Banana FlambeƩ


Take care of your Kidneys by eating bananas several times a week. It is a poweful antioxidant! Bananas are easy to carry, cheap and you can find it everywhere so add it to your diet since it provides lots of fuel and maintains blood sugar levels.


Serves 7 adults

7 ripe bananas

½ a cup of Cassis Liquor

½ cup of Rum or conhaque

2 sweet oranges

1 desert spoon of grounded cinammon

1 desert spoon of grounded raw organic chocolate

2 table spoons french butter

A little bit of olive oil


1-First slice the bananas in 4 parts on the long side from top to bottom.

2-Melt the butter on a flat pan and let it warm a bit.

3-Place the banans in the flat pan.

4-Add the squeezed juice of 2 oranges and the cassis liquor.

5-Let it all heat well and then place the rum and light a matche to flambee the bananas. Make sure you know how to do it. It also tastes good if you just place the rum and not flambee it.

6-Sprinkle the cinammon on top of it to your taste.




Place the banans on a plate and sprinkle raw chocolate powde on top, a quinoa cookie and some dried cranberries. If you are a ice cream lover it goes well with vanila or chocolate ice-cream, however you are adding lots of sugar to the healthy desert.

















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