Supper Power Chickpeas Pizza gluten free


The cheakpeas flour is gluten free! It was one of the first cultivated crops by humans! About ½ cup of this flour has 10 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, 3 grams of fat and 5 grams of sugar. It´s complete and healthy! Helps reduce obesity, diabetes, risk of coronary heart disease! It provides you with a good dose of vitamin B6 and potassium! Enjoy your Pizza while being healthy!!


Serves 2 people for an appetizer

200 grams of cheakpeas flour and 200 ml of water

2 Table spoon (TS) of extra virgen olive oil

2 TS  dried oregano and 1 TS of sunflower seeds

2 TS of maldon salt and black pepper ( both to your taste bud)

6 grilled aspargus and 6 dried tomatoes

6 greek olives without seeds

Fresh basil and Fresh mint

Fried tomato sauce about 3 table spoons

Goat cheese and feta cheese

3 slices of Pineapple

1 small cucumber


Prepararing the Pizza dough

 Mix all ingredients on a blender until the the dough is smooth and well together and even.

Use a stir fry pan hot with ghee, olive oil or coconut. Place 2 full table spoons of dough in the warm oil and let cook well and even. It is important to cook it well to better digest the chickpeas.


 Preparing Pizza filling:

Option1 grilled asparagus, dried tomatoes, 6 greek olives without seeds, a full hand of fresh basil to decorate on top after pizza is ready.

Option2  fried tomatoe sauce ( I used Hero brand in this recipe), goat cheese with fine herbs, also named “Boursin”, baby spinachs and sunflower seeds.

Option3 Cucumber, feta cheese, sweet pineapple cubed pieces and fresh mint.

Final step on preparing the pizza:

Place the filling of your choice on top of the pizza dough and place it in the oven already pre-heated at 200 celsius during 8 minutes. Place the fresh herbs and the seed at the end so they don’t cook in the oven and your beneift of its ingredients at 100%.


Serve it as a main dish with a cup of carrot pumpikin soup!! Or simply just as your favorite pizza on a Sunday night!

Our most important ingredient is sharing what we cook with whom we love