Vegan Flower Power cake


Full of protein from the nuts and great insaturated fat! Helps curb your apetite and gives you lots of energy!


Serves 15

175 grams almond

175 grams walnuts

175 grams raisans

320 grams of plums without seeds

1 avocado

2 table spoons of raw organic chocolate powder

2 a 3 bananas

½ cup of ripe peeled papaya

2 desert spoons of cinnamon powder

2 desert spoons of freeze-dried coconut to decorate


One day before preparing the live cake soak all the nuts in water. During this 24 hours change the water 4 times.

1-Drain the water from all the nuts

2-Put all the almonds, walnuts, plums inside your mixer or blender and mix it until the dugh is smooth like a play dough. Set it aside and reserve.

3-Now mix it separetely the bananas, raisans, cinnamon and raw organic chocolate power.

4-Prepare your raw and live “ Dulce de Leche”. Put in the mixer or blender one avocado, ½ cup of peeld papaya and more or less handfull of plums until the color becomes orange.

5-Pick a round shape lunch/dinner size porcelain plate and open the dough making it 2 fingers high all around the edges.

6-Place the banana mix you reserved in the middle filling it up until the height you have around the edges.

7-Decorate with the raw “dulce de leche” on top of the cake and the freezed-dried coconuts. Also some edible flowers look great and give a spring touch!

8-Keep it in the fridge for at least 45 minutes before serving it. Once it is cut it lasts about 3 days maximun since it is all fresh and uncooked produce.


Serve it with some edible flowers and a cup of chamomille tea.

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