FoodShui Team

We have, our own very different paths, being interested in how we could use food as a source of inspiration, fuel, energy, and wellbeing. After experimenting with different foods, flavours, and ideas, we’ve been inspired to create our own ‘food philosophy’: FoodShui

Tatiana da Silva

Founder of

Born in Rio de Janeiro, at the age of 17 I took a special interest in food and how my body reacted to it. My curiosity led me to read about nutrition, healthy eating and lifestyle. At age of 23, I took up another fascinating hobby – that of self-discovery: yoga and meditation. Nowadays, I eat fresh and varied, most important I listen to my body needs. Madrid, Spring 2014, what started as a get-together of 7 friends, has burgeoned into a full teaching passion and delicious recipes! Sharing in Instagran and facebook channel my inventions and the Foodshui philosophy, that is how I live. In 2016 I graduated on Ayurveda through the University Maria Cristina del Escorial, Madrid, Spain and also graduated as a Nutritional coach. As of May 2018, can go to your Kitchen and share our delicious recipes and healthy lifestyle with you. Brazilian, currently leaving in Madrid with my family. It´s funny how the Universe sets you up to tackle change. My career path is diverse: Private Banker, Fashion Designer (Tatiana da Silva; Mami and Me, in Miami). And now I am a teacher, coach, and communicator of healthy food for body and soul,

Victoria Silva

Web developer & Graphic designer

Spanish, I am a bilingual graphic designer with worldwide experience. Take a look at my website My role in Foodshui is creating the website and logo. Born in Andalusia, Spain, I am also a food lover and fan of eating healthy. Being a mother of three boys, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the Thermomix is my right hand.

Maria Lopez

Communication & Press

Periodista con una amplia experiencia en medios de comunicación; Antena 3, Grupo Atresmedia y TVE1. Cursos de postgrado sobre ‘Comunicación Política’, ‘Hablar delante de una Cámara’ y ‘Relaciones Internacionales’. Soy consciente de la revolución 3.O en el mundo digital por eso mi formación como Community Manager. Responsable de Comunicación Digital en empresas relacionadas con un estilo de vida saludable, Coach para desenvolvernos mejor en reuniones y conferencias y ponente en diversos masters, colegios y universidades. .

Patricia Orozco


Brazilian, dedicated mother, painter, former Chemical Engineer and Investment Banker, loves healthy eating and balanced life-style. She has been to many Foodshui classes and her enthusiasm with the Foodshui project led her to join our team as our recipe translator into Portuguese.

Cristina Cain


What better way to discover a country and culture than through its foods and flavors! With an early interest in the benefits of sound nutrition, and one child with severe food allergies, my interest has only become all the keener over time. For me, it’s about creating a balanced mix of flavor, nutritional value, and fun on the plate! I’m so happy to be part of Tatiana’s exciting FoodShui concept. For me, it truly is about an eating lifestyle. A language buff at heart, I feel lucky that I can play with words in my professional life at As a translator, editor, and copy-writer, I´m steeped in the written word – and love it! My mother tongue is English, and I am fluent in French, Spanish and Italian

Our dream is to motivate others to join our team. To make stronger and more visible all around the world We want to inspire and connect with more people who support and share our philosophy and want to become part of the team.
Our most important ingredient is sharing what we cook with whom we love